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Disease free as far as I know. I'm selling just 6 of these right now. Largest are 3 inches wide, smaller are 1inch. Some are nice and round and some need trimming. Mine grew up from 1 in spheres to 3 in in just a few months. Warmer water preferred. I've not had to fertilize either. $2 each plant Meet evenings or PPU off Long Hollow. Can also meet in Madison/Goodlettsville during lunch.
$100 OR REASONABLE OFFERS ACCEPTED BECAUSE I NEED IT GONE! lot includes: 30 Gallon tank Screen lid Heating lamp Basking dock Filter Skull accessory Tree accessory Bag of rocks (turtle food and aquasafe thrown in for free) *WILL HAVE TO BE PICKED UP IN GALLATIN WITHIN 48 HOURS. NEED GONE ASAP BECAUSE I'M MOVING IN 2 WEEKS! $100 or OBO!
Comes with stand, top and lid
Lot includes: 29 Gallon tank Screen lid Heating/Basking lamp Basking dock Filter Tree accessory Skull accessory Bag of aquarium neutral colored rocks Aqua safe Food This tank and all that comes with it, is a complete turtle set up! I need this gone ASAP, PRICE IS FIRM! SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY! DO NOT COMMNET UNLESS YOU FOR SURE WANT AND CAN GET WITHIN 48 HOURS! I can meet in Gallatin, Portland, ...
Everything that you see in the tank comes with it.
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My 9 year old daughter will be buying it so cheaper is better.


25? Gallon possibly more. Use only for crab or snake. I did have fish in it. When I first put water in a small leak appeared but sealed and it held fine. Choice is yours to make.
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