I have 7 speckled Sussex chicks for sale. 3-9 weeks old. Do not need heat. $5.00 each or 7 for $30.00. Pictures of parents attached.
Keeps trough water from freezing in winter.


5 laying hens little over year old $15 each


Beautiful gold decor, mirrors and little decor
Set of full train bed sheets $3.00
9 piece set. Never used. Includes a ladle, potato peeler, spaghetti spoon, wisk, 2 frosting spatulas, slotted spoon, baster, and a large spoon. All black. $2
White linoleum flooring. $5 obo. Unsure of how much there is
They are all great - there is just toooooo much love going around for my hens. All are great sky watchers. Have been fed organic feed. Free range daily. Will add other guys in comments.
I have a trio of Light Brahmas for sale. They are 1-1/2 years old. They lay large light brown eggs daily. Cold and heat tolerant. These are very large chickens.
Lots of baby silkies. Straight run. All with lots of fluff. Pic of a splash hen is above. $5 each minimum of 3. Take all 12 for $45 Westmoreland NPIP certified and AI clean
2 day old runner ducks $5 each minimum of 2. 3 or more $4 each Westmoreland
I am needing a couple plastic 55 gallon barrels for my goats. NOT willing to pay anything over $10 per barrel. Message me if you have any to sell. Thanks!
2 day old splash, blue/gray and black/grey chicks. All from vaulted head parents. Bearded and lots of fluff. Pic of hens in photos. Westmoreland Will not hold fcfs
Big broke gelding , He is 15' & 14 yro. Sweet boy , loves to walk & has a Awesome trot. Very easy going! Has several buttons - side passes, trots beside you , squares up & tries to do the Showmanship Pattern. Sweet boy
I have Mille Fleur D'Uccles bantam chicks available. Straight Run. Hatched May 27th. $3 each or 5+ $2 each.
My husband just built a new hen house. This was a temporary tarped with wood frame area some of my hens perched. This is excellent fertilizer for flowers, garden, yard. Bring your mutt boots and own buckets and tools. If not gone in 4 days this will be gone. PM me for my address and time you can come. Thanks
Bought from tractor Supply. Works great.
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My incubators are full so I have a deal for you. I have 3 dozen fertile hatching eggs for sale. They are a mixture of purebred Light Brahmas, Rhode Island Reds, and Speckled Sussex. All my chickens are in separate pens according to that specific breed. My eggs have not been washed and have been turned twice daily. They were all laid over the past weekend and gathered daily. $20 for all three do...
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